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Brand Identity

It’s not the size of your network, but how you use it.

Developing a brand is difficult, and is stressful for the client – after all, it’s their company, their name and their reputation that they’ve left in our hands. It’s no wonder that they want to see 20 concepts and dozens of revisions until it couldn’t possibly be any more perfect. Except that’s not what makes a brand great.

The strength of a brand is dictated by the ideas behind it. If those ideas aren’t strong and the intent clear, the brand will be muddy. Those choices need to be reflected in the logo, certainly, but the reality is that is most cases, the logos we hold up as iconic were not that way until they were imbued with the essence of the brand behind it. Coke, Nike, McDonald’s are strong brands because of a lifetime of meaning.

How do we create a great brand? It starts with the understanding of what we’re trying to communicate. Like an actor needs to understand a script in order to perform it, a brand needs to be understood by all those involved in its creation in order to effectively communicate. Those choices need to be evident in the design, and the design itself needs to be clear and focused.

Actors matter less than performances, and logos matter less than brands. In both cases, it’s the input that makes the output great.

Identity design process

the design brief

Compiled from a Q&A session with the client, a design brief saves everyone time. It helps focus attention on the details that best cater to the target audience, and in as timely a manner as possible. Here are some topics for inclusion when preparing a design brief.


We spend time reviewing client information, then begin the research and brainstorming stage. I take into account competitors, market trends, product/service differentiators, the history of the business, the future, the current brand, and the one aspired toward.


Sketching helps generate a strong set of possible directions. A mouse and computer adds an extra level of restriction that hinders the process. Most sketches will eventually be made redundant, but the point is to explore every possible direction before choosing the most effective idea.


We normally narrow the design focus until I have one or two strong options for digitising and conceptualising. The rendering stage involves transferring these options to Adobe Illustrator, to Photoshop, and finally to Acrobat pdf.


The design presentation is supplied as a PDF file, with each concept shown in context, using digital mock-ups. Now it’s over to the client to consider the designs and prepare feedback based upon how the ideas fulfil the design brief.

finishing touches

Following client review, I’ll either finalise the project, or make any revisions agreed upon. Our main aim is to create a visual identity that works for the respective business, and for many years to come. There’s always flexibility in our process.


Artwork is supplied via email and/or made available for download. Where the brandmark (logo) is concerned, files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. We are happy to cater to specific file requests.

The brandmarks I create are used for a wide variety of purposes — websites, corporate stationery, vehicle wraps, billboard advertising. Additional marketing collateral is certainly an option.

customer service

What we offer doesn’t end once my client pays the final installment. Should any design-related questions crop-up, I’m on hand to answer them, or to offer my opinion on how the new design has been applied. I can also help with print procurement, or offer design assistance in whatever way possible.

Sample of Branding


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