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Search Engine Optimization

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Web Development

A appropriate techniques of website development services are difficult to acquire as there are few website development companies able to convert the potential utility into actual utility, we the KS Webdesigners among them. Our more sophisticated appro-ach, work for its understanding, comprehensive details and wide variety of services provide us an unique place in terms of Website development.

E-Commerce Development

In per suite of building confidence and striving for excellence to meet the challenges of today‘s competitive world our E-commerce development service has created a framework, concept and intellectual creativity in E-Business. It is also become catalyst to bringing about the momentous changes in the business of many of our client in India and across the world. For many years ecommerce development has been viewed by differently but our way of developing the technology allow us to minimize the cost and provide the maximum profit and good business.We add new ideas and applications which make considerable investments to support the business our client. The spectacular growth, while a testimony to the Internet’s utility in a variety of activities ranging from commerce to communication has been made this section more important and with the help of our services it can be used more efficiently for growth of our business.

Web Portal Development

In recognition of the major impact of new technology on business the KS Webdesigners emphasizes the quality of technology through a variety of special services like: Web Portal Development, E-Commerce and Custom web Development we help to the firms to maintain the adaption and standardization of their thoughts and product to achieve their ultimate goal. In consideration of understanding the corporate mind we use the latest technology such as PHP, mysql, Ajax, Javascript, xhtml, html and css to give the appropriate and unbeatable results. Our growing online activities results in the increasing capability of websites which we design. While competition is on the rise our technology and team work has proved to be effective to face the complexity of it. A study says that in last decade there are 1.7 billion internet users have been added which shows large no of business opportunity via internet and the basic requirement for this is an efficient website to handle all this. In order to keep this practice we provide the above mentioned technical means to create, promote and to make live your website.

Custom Web Development

We have always adopted the contemporary method of providing service in its endeavor to develop growing business of our clients. Every company comprises different marketing characteristics but there is still something common is the goal to reach on the top. A lot depend on how a website can handle the situations of the current competitions which always expected to give new dimension to the business. Our strategic technology not only modeling the website but also focuses on practical and operational problems to custom it. Any website took place on the basis of its custom in simply the services offer by the company should be appears in the website in best customized way to get the maximum attention of the users, that’s what our technical team do.

Our Web Development Process

Site Analysis

Business model is discussed with the client putting main pressure on requirement analysis. How the web site is going to be incorporated into the current business system. In range and the business model are taken in this phase.

Requirement Building

After beginning specification are clear our team come up with complete all the slight and main features and functionalities of the proposed web site and dynamic functionalities, lay out, navigation, value add features, etc. The whole contract is documented thereafter finalizing specifications and details along with inputs from client and our deliverables, project timelines and budget.

Design and Development

At KS Webdesigners, we have very client incorporated development approach wherein our team works in sync with you. To begin with we offer model facility to choose web site design and layout. Web site designing is different from software application in the feature that in it client communication is needed and every phase of its development. All the way through the development client endorsement is taken before touching onto next phase.

Coding & Testing

Our web designing and programming teams work parallel & cohesively. Developers takes care of delicacies of designs so it should not obstruct the look and feel of web site and designers takes into deliberation of programming boundaries while designing the layout.

Web development asks for all-inclusive testing, as it constantly works under multi user circulated system. Some of the testing we do is: Link testing, download testing, load testing, integration testing, cross browser compatibility, etc.


Out of trillions of websites accessible online over internet fizz, it becomes essential that you encourage your web site particularly if it is of M2C (Merchant to Customer), B2C (Business to Consumers), B2B (Business to Business) in character. At PSI we offer search engine encouragement facility on customer insist. We offer this competence through our business grouping partner. We can develop web sites, which could be optimized for search engine ranking and listing.

Maintenance & Support

Web site needs energetic preservation & support services so as not to look decayed in terms of content, design, features and functionalities. And particularly for dynamic interactive B2C, B2B web sites. At PSI we offer the whole range of support and maintenance services like: bug fixing, technical maintenance, content management and up degree, feature and functionality improvement, etc.

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Most pleased with final result and more than happy to use again.

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Good experience. Very creative staff and good project management.

-Sanjay Grover, New Delhi

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