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Search Engine Optimization

A basic assumption is in the market that there are heavy competitions as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. We the ... [more]

Search Engine Optimization

A basic assumption is in the market that there are heavy competitions as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned. We the KS Webdesigners have actually broken that barrier. Our step-by-step approach and day-to-day functional method makes us different to other SEO companies of India.

Step-by-Step approach

We introduce the term I-3 for the resolution of every typical concern of SEO services which contains three simple steps:

• Infrastructure: In the process of optimizing any site the foremost important thing is the infrastructure which allows an optimizer to understand the basics of websites so that promotions can be done more effectively.

• Innovation: The growing demand of website promotion forced us to keep variety. Our innovative ideas and team of expert makes that task easier .The power of innovation and Ideas to remain successful in the cut-throat competitive business world our section produced the rapid growth of an organization.

• Initiative: After ideas we require that potential to create a positive impact towards betterment of website, here comes the role of initiative which helps us to convert those ideas as a tool to promote the website and accelerate the process to reach up to the maximum appropriate users.

Day-to-day functional

A step ahead to streamlined the same we have another method is Day-to-day functional ,it is nothing but in simple way is only a daily analysis and criticism of own work to make the things better as a successful promotion cannot happen overnight; it happens as a result of continuous and careful effort . That’s all what we do in this method .In order to get steady and successful business we refer you to use once this service and see the result.

Regular Monitoring & Reporting

After the submissions are through, the only thing left to do is wait for your rankings to roll in! Usually it takes 2-3 months for your website to show up in search engines. If you've paid for inclusion with the search engines and directories that offer this, you'll start to see results within a week or two. We send monthly reports on the Search Engine rankings to you via email and also upload it on our site so as to make it accessible to you 24x7 hr. a week.

We at KS Webdesigners also monitor your site for the duration of the contract, the optimization of your web site in order to make/suggest changes according to new requirements/regulations which may arise from major search engines. We provide detailed traffic reports covering page views and visits by day of the week, time of the day, details on most visited pages, entry and exit pages, referring domains and other customized reporting and analysis.

Internet Marketing

Internet has become a movement that touches the lives of countless people in every corner of the world. There are many versions of life and now a day’s internet impacted each and every part of it. So anything you want you can get that clicking on the mouse this practical approach has given the concept of Internet marketing to the world. As the world witnesses that every company is known as a beginner because internet is a series which has a different roots and no end to catch-up. In terms of this we cover all such important aspects to define a set of rules and evolve a set of techniques so that our client can perform beyond the imagination in cut throat competition. Our team experts have developed an appropriate strategy in such growing market called as an Initial Strategy Choice to accelerate the growth of our client. Under this we 1- We create brand name atmosphere then we use 2- Sale force and last but not the least 3- Easy reaching approach. It includes all those factors which effect the survival and success of the business.

Article & Content Writing

Business does not operate in vacuum but in an environment and a well-organized and disciplined environment can only be created by good literature. We provide clear-cut conceptual framework and greater meaning to your thoughts in form of Article & Content writing. We use the basic pattern (Unity, Order and Variety) which bridge the gap between theory and practical and prepared the best ligature for use. We believe to say something briefly and reaching to what other people are saying. We bring you a range of writing that addresses the real and exact user. We write in an effective way to communicate matters which draws the attention to the reader to necessitate a proactive approach and comprehensive idea about the subject. A client says about us “They have great forum to express one’s opinion succinctly. Their material forces a reader to come to the point.”

Our SEO Technique

Keyword Analysis

For the success of the search engine marketing, finding right keywords are major task. In this technique we request you to send some key phrases which related to your business and work. We have to spend a lot more time while fetching the right key phrases for your website.

Selecting the right keyword is the important we are using online tool called wordtracker this tool help us to get more close about the keyword phrases. A right keyword would lead your website on top of the search engine page like a Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We have separate department for the SEM analysis. Our experts are also analyzing your opponent business & SEM strategies. Keyword Analysis is the techniques that would lead your business on top.

Website Analysis

After completing the keyword analysis we finalized all the selected keyword from your end as well. Then we target each pages of the website and get closer in the central part of the website. In this technique we need to see vital part of your website. After that we begin website optimization process.

Content Analysis

Web content are playing a major role for the website page ranking. Search engine crawler considers a quality content that has keyword density. A web page that has keyword density is highly appreciated by search engine crawler which fetches your keywords while crawling your web page.

Search engine gives the more importance of the web content, we too focusing on the quality content. KS webdesigners has excellent quality content writers team who write your web content with keyword density. Good quality content would impress your viewer as well as search engine spider.

HTML Code Analysis

Search engine pleasing website it is really a challenging job for any SEO company. We the ks webdesigners are specialize in making pleasant website for search engine. It is necessary to develop your code in the understandable form of search engine. We analysis your HTML script and JavaScript before making SEO.

Search engine would not consider heavy JavaScript pages and heavy image pages. It is recommended that you have to use mere techniques of JavaScript as well as you have to avoid heavy images on the web page.

KS Webdesigners SEO experts are known what they have to do for a good Search engine compatible page. Code analysis is a major task for us. For a good SEO there has mainly three parts of tag would be best for your ranking Title Tag, Keyword Tag and Description Tag. Ks webdesigners experts analyze your HTML Tags in order to bringyour page SEO friendly.

Website Page Renaming

Apart from HTML script and JavaScript it is also necessary to make your web pages search engine compatible. KS Webdesigners has the perfect solution; we will design your Search engine compatible.

KS Webdesigners uses the key phrases as a webpage like "web-development.html" or "web-desinging.html". A perfect name of page can help the search engine to understand what the pages are? Where search engine can easily index your page.

Sitemap Creation

After completing Optimization task now its real time upload WebPages to your web server and submit them to the search engine. KS webdesigners will submit your manually optimized webpage to the major search engine like-Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista...etc. we also submit your website to the major web directories.

Search Engine Submission

Site map is nothing but a textual representation of your website; it is an architecture which is expressing your webpage categories. It’s very important to make sitemap. KS Webdesigners provide search engine spiders with valid links to all pages of your website. Your website would be seen every time a search.

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"Project was completed successfully and to my satisfaction. I would use them again in the future.

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-Wolton Kutz

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